Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Velodrome, 3.31.12

Here's the video that wouldn't post up, so I put it on YouTube.  It's of our arrival into the Roubaix Velodrome.  It may not show it, but we were completely wacked after the 21 sections of pave into Roubaix.  The right hand turn into the velodrome was almost as exciting as the real thing - it's truly a magical place.  For me to try and describe how it feels when you roll onto the track, would be almost silly.  I was starring down at the track thinking, "so many greats before this very moment have done this very thing."  I was stunned.  It's such a simple place - not much to it, really.  A clean, smooth track, a bunch of empty seats, and the green, green grass in the center.  Yet, this simple place stirs the greatest emotion as it greets the broken and with open arms.  You really don't have to be the first into the velodrome to win this incredible race - everyone that finishes is victorious in my humble, cobble-beaten opinion.  Enjoy!

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