Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Inspiration

Gotta say, pretty good start to the day - the sun's been bright, the breeze playing with the trees, and the coffee, delicious.  My thoughts have been a week ahead of the rest of myself for a while now - time to get things in order.  Took a moment to click a bit on the computer and found a worthwhile reminder on George's fb page - George, a dear friend of mine from Scotland, who is also of the most passionate and genuine of gentlemen I know, posted a nine-minute flashback of the 1992 Milan-San Remo finish.  The one where the great Sean Kelly took us to a whole new level of inspiration, in a matter of seconds. 

I have to share it with you.  Milan San-Remo, being one of the great Classics, was just last week, and although this year's edition was not quite like the 1992 result, it was still a ball-buster.  MSR still stands as the longest, professional one-day race on the calendar at 298 km, and is considered a "sprinter's race" due to the long, straight approach to the finish.  Sean Kelly is one of cycling's greats, winning an incredible 193 races in his 14-year professional career - this edition certainly being an excellent display of his incredible tenacity.  Enjoy!

And thank you, George for the reminder!  My best to you.

Ps: Nevermind the music, by the way, unless you just happen to be a fan of quality elevator music.