Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Video

There are two significant DVD's out there that will help illustrate the intense nature of these races, especially Paris-Roubaix.  If you are a cyclist and have a couple cycling dvd's but not this one, then drop everything and buy this movie!  From the interviews to the cinematography, it will certainly inspire and hopefully motivate you to ride.

Road to Roubaix, trailer:

Another movie that is a must-see, must-own is "A Sunday in Hell."  It captures all senses, taking you back to the early 70's, when the races were more about sport and less about money.  This legendary film is the real deal - so genuine, it takes just minutes before you've forgotten where you are, finding yourself straining to smell the chain lube and avoid the dust.  It follows two of cycling's greatest legends, Eddy Merckx and Roger de Vlaeminck.  Such a sincere film truly captures your heart while at the same time showing you that despite all the years gone by, the basic nature of Paris-Roubaix still remains the same. This is the entire film courtesy of our beloved YouTube. 

A Sunday in Hell:

With this two visuals, I hope you gain a better understanding what Jeff and I are about endure - an enduring experience that should only intensify our love and passion for this sport.  Thank you and enjoy!